Services and products

ECOTANK has a strategic place in the ARA area. The import and export of products takes place with inland vessels, coastal ships and tankers. The maximum depth is 4.75 meters, but we can also cater for loading of seagoing charges. This takes place by means of inland waterway vessels via the ports of Rotterdam and Vlissingen.

ECOTANK offers spacious storage facilities for large-and small packages (bulk to IBC) and is able to unload products quickly and efficiently. You can find more information about our facilities here.

Below is a summary of our services and products.


  • Bulk tank storage and complete terminal services
  • Loading and unloading of ships and flexitanks
  • Filling flexibags, IBCs and drums
  • Storage according to halal and kosher regulations
  • Hot water heating
  • Truck loading
  • Board transmission
  • Tank transfer
  • Weighing bridge



  • Sugar-beet and sugarcane molasses / vinasse
  • Vegetable / edible oils and fats (palm oil, rapeseed oil etc.)
  • Glycerin / Lycine / Lecithin
  • Tropical oils
  • Base oils
  • Liquid animal feed
  • Fatty acids