Sustainable storage solutions

we are ecotank

We believe in a personal relationship with the client. In trust, cooperation and convenience. In taking extra steps to assure the best possible results. We see every assignment / request as a challenge and will rarely settle for a 'no'. We are ECOTANK.

About us


ECOTANK has a wide variety of storange tanks on offer. In addition, we are specialists in flexibags, IBCs and drums. But that is not all we do. Take a look at our services and products to check what we can do for you.

We are Ecotank


  • Bulk tank storage and complete terminal services
  • Loading and unloading of ships and flexitanks
  • Filling flexibags, IBCs and drums
  • Storage according to halal and kosher regulations
  • Hot water heating
  • Truck loading
  • Board transmission
  • Tank transfer
  • Weighing bridge
We are Ecotank


  • Sugar-beet and sugarcane molasses / vinasse
  • Vegetable / edible oils and fats (palm oil, rapeseed oil etc.)
  • Oleochemicals (organic based oils)
  • Glycerin / Lycine / Lecithin
  • Tropical oils
  • Base oils
  • Urean / Adblue
  • Liquid animal feed
  • Fatty acids