ECOTANK has a capacity of 78,701 m3. The tank storage facility is accessible by sea-going vessel and tank car. In addition, the site is equipped with:

  • 8 road tanker loading/unloading stations
  • 3 loading/unloading scaffolds for ships (free from habour-fee)

The ECOTANK tank storage consists of steel tanks and stainless steel tanks, variable from 70 to 18,000 cubic metres. We also provide storage in flexibags, IBCs and drums. Currently, we have 41 tanks.

Steel tanks:

  • Number: 17
  • Total capacity: 67,808 m3
  • Tank size: 600-18,000 m3

Stainless steel tanks:

  • Number: 24
  • Total capacity: 10.903 m3
  • Tank size: 70-18,000 m3

ECOTANK has heating points for, among other things, tank trailers, ISO containers and flexibags.

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